Thursday, 24 September 2015

quick write optimist yachting

“AHHH!!!,” I scream as my buddy and I are heading to the rocks .
“We’re gonna crash into the rock,” we both cry. It was dangerous.  The weather was wrong on the news. It said it would be sunny today but the weather has changed to be terrible.
“I'm scared,”   my buddy and I say at the same time. “We should try control the yacht to safety,” I said.  I feel scared. It was a horrible day.
I wonder if we survive,  or will we lose? I’m not sure.
The danger was still on and I see the rocks coming closer by the second.
I hear my buddy trying to move the sail around. I am trying to pull the rudder to the side but it is stuck! I have an idea of how to turn away from the rocks! I pull the rudder out, then put it back in and it worked.
“Pull the sail round,” I shout. And finally we turn round and sail away from the rocks. “HOORAY, NOOO,” my buddy and I  shout.
We got away from the rocks but there was one problem,
The boat got a rock stuck in the bottom!
“We might have to jump out,” I call The boat is not moving!
“On the count of 3, jump!  Ready 1, 2, 3, jump!
The water is freezing it feels like cold ice!
It is so cold!  My buddy and I swim to the shore quickly and stay there relived. THE END!!!!!