Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Highland Home Photographs

  • I am feeling my tummy rolling round because I am a tiny bit nervous.

  • I can see the difficult wall I am about climb next.

  • I can hear Louie saying “I want to come down, I want to come down.”

  • I can smell a rubbery smell.

  • I am feeling the cold wet rocks as I walk in the cave

  • I can see cave wetas crawling round and the koura in the water.

  • I can  hear just the stream water and all the other kids chatting.

  • I can smell nothing really because we are in a cave.

  • I am feeling surprised about how high Tom’s score is.

  • I can see all the shots on the target.

  • I can  hear the gunshots in the background.

  • I can smell the gunpowder of the other guns.

  • I am feeling amazed from the sculpture.

  • I can see the giant whatonga sculpture.

  • I can  hear everyone talking.

  • I can smell all the nature around me.

  • I am feeling like I want another turn.

  • I can see tiny  animals.

  • I can  hear the rapids of the river.

  • I can smell little fish.

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